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The core task of the Ombudsman, a High Council of State of Sint Maarten, is the handling of complaints filed by the public against a government body, including government entities charged with public authority. The Ombudsman is limited to the authority outlined in the National Ordinance Ombudsman (AB 2013 no.20). The Ombudsman cannot handle civil complaints (between persons or against non-government entities). Your complaint must be against the conduct of government bodies or entities with public authority.

Anyone can file a complaint at the Ombudsman, natural persons as well as legal entities.

As guardian of the Constitution the Ombudsman is the only entity that can submit a law that has been ratified, and seems to be in conflict with the Constitution, to the Constitutional Court for total or partial annulment before it goes into effect.

Ms. Gwendolien E. Mossel
Ombudsman Sint Maarten

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A team of talented professionals

The Team of the Bureau Ombudsman consists of dedicated and hard-working professionals who assists the Ombudsman in executing the task of the Ombudsman.

From left to right: Vanessa Haatrecht (Administrator), Kelston Brooks (Investigator), Aishira Cicilia (Legal Advisor), Gwendolien Mossel (Ombudsman), Aisha Thomas (Investigator), Randolf Duggins (Secretary General).

The Ombudsman Bureau Team


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I experienced a soakage problem with sewage from one neighbor for at least 2 months. I went to VROMI and received no assistance. I then came to Ms. Mossel at the Ombudsman and received help right away. I am proud of her and happy to breathe fresh air. I no longer have to wear a mask in my home, all day long.
Ms. Dopwell

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