Philipsburg—-The Ombudsman, Dr. Nilda Arduin, herewith informs the public that the7th Biennial CAROA Conference will be hosted by the Ombudsman of Sint Maarten from

May 5-9 2013 at Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino.

Exposure Opportunity

Being host of this event gives the Ombudsman the opportunity to expose not only the CAROA members, but also the local guests to topics of general concern presented by renown speakers and experienced and dynamic regional and international Ombudsmen.

At the Opening Ceremony His Excellency, the Governor, drs. E. Holiday, the President of Parliament drs. R. Samuel, as well as the president of CAROA Mr. Valton Bend will address the audience. The key note speaker of this event is the International representative of the Ombudsman of Sweden , Mrs. Marianne von der Esch; the topic of her presentation is: “The Evolution of the Ombudsman concept as started in Sweden and its worldwide status today.”


Block registration is open to non-members of CAROA. The topics that will be addressed at the various sessions are the following:

  1. Maximizing the Ombudsman’s influence, impact and effectiveness ensuring ethics in public administration.”by Mrs. Mr. Alba Martijn, Ombudsman Curacao
  2. Transparency and freedom of information in a difficult and constantly changing environment.”by Mrs. Lynette Stephenson, Ombudsman of Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Traditions in setting standards of good administration; the role of legality in Ombudsman’s decisions.”by Mr. Gert Bergman, Attorney at Law
  4. “Delivering more with less” by Nicola Williams, Ombudsman Cayman Islands
  5. Holding leaders to account: A summary of experience.” by Ulco van de Pol, Ombudsman Amsterdam        
  6. “Human Rights as Public Service Ethics-Issues, Challenges and Prospects.”by Victor Ayeni,Director Governance & Magement Services International
  7. “Enhancing the role of Ombudsman institutions in the protection and promotion of human rights.” by Arlene Brock, Ombudsman of Bermuda                                                           
  8. “Protection of vulnerable groups (children, disabled, elderly) in society” by Florence Elie, Ombudsman Haiti
  9. “Caribbean Ombudsman and the Human Rights Function a re-assessment.” by Professor Victor Ayeni: Director Governance & Management Services International                  
  10. “Equal rights without discrimination! The European Court on Human Rights and the protection of Human Rights in the Dutch Caribbean”  by Prof. Arjen van Rijn: Constitutional Law
  11. Workshop “Sharpen Your Teeth “(SYT ) Investigative Training by the founder of this investigative method , Mr. André Marin, Ombudsman Ontario Canada.
  12. “The growing trend of privatization of public services: consequences for the Ombudsman” by Dame Beverley Wakem, President IOI the Ombudsman.
  13. “Ombudsman and the changing face of public services” by Marianne von der Esch, International representative the Ombudsman Sweden          
  14. “Public Sector accountability and the public service landscape.” by Mr. Miguel Alexander, Civil Notary
  15. Workshop: “Dealing with modern technology.” by André Marin, Ombudsman Ontario
  16. “Ensuring procedural fairness and administrative justice for all citizens at a time when entities, governance and administration arrangements worldwide are undergoing fundamental changes.” by Beverley Wakem, Ombudsman/President International Ombudsman Institute (keynote speaker at the Closing Ceremony).

Each Session will end with a panel discussion.

Invitation has been extended to government entities and other supervisory boards. The Ombudsman is urging all persons who have been invited to this conference to please register at the website mentioned in the email of Artemia, the event planner of this event.

Exciting Conerence to Equip

A productive, informative and exciting Conference is guaranteed to equip each CAROA member with renewed vigor to bridge the following two years and will provide the non-members with more information about the Ombudsman Institution

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