Philipsburg – The Ombudsman applauds the initiative shown by the Civil Registry Department to organize Community Outreach Information Sessions. The Ombudsman emphasizes the duty of public bodies to inform the citizen. Organizing the Community Outreach Information sessions is a step in the direction to inform the public about the processes and services provided by the Department. 

Public Attendance Encouraged

The Ombudsman encourages the public in general to attend these sessions. 

Part of the improvement of the relationship with the citizens is that the services rendered by the Department are executed efficiently and effectively. The Ombudsman notes improvements in the services provided by this Department. The Ombudsman commends the Civil Registry Department in its initiatives and looks forward to this type of information sessions being organized by all departments as well as by other entities charged with public authority. 

Vision and Mission

These sessions are in keeping with the vision and mission of the Ombudsman to promote good governance, which entails among others informing the citizens of the procedures of government services. Important is that government and related bodies must be aware of the needs of the citizens and treat the citizens with respect and handle their requests efficiently. After all, government is accountable to Parliament as the extension of the people. As protector of the citizens and guardian of the Constitution, the Ombudsman investigates the action or non-action of government and the citizens must be assured that their basic human rights and freedoms are safeguarded/ upheld by government.

Dr. Nilda Arduin

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