PHILIPSBURG………………..The Ombudsman and the entire staff of Bureau Ombudsman are presently undergoing a public relations and media training in preparation for its Public Information Campaign 2014, which will be launched in April at the Bureau.


In keeping with its Strategic Plan 2011 – 2021 the Ombudsman embarked on a training at the Bureau to equip the entire staff to improve communication with the public, in particular the media. The training is being conducted by the well-known and experienced journalist, Mr. Fabian Badejo. The course will cover a period of four months of preparing the team at Bureau Ombudsman to effectively communicate with the public.

Communication Key

The Ombudsman considers communication with the public to be key in executing its task of promoting good leadership for the country, with a government and related bodies characterized by good governance, and responsive to the needs of the people.

The Ombudsman as protector of the citizens and guardian of the Constitution of Sint Maarten provides a system of checks and balances, which guarantees good governance and accountability of the government, where basic human rights and freedoms are safeguarded.

What the Bureau Do

The Bureau investigates how government treats its citizens upon complaints files by the citizens with the Bureau, or upon the initiative of the Ombudsman.

Training Financing

The training is financed by the Dutch Funding Agency USONA as part of the project to establish the High Councils of State.

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