PHILIPSBURG………………..On March 26th 2014 the representative of Transparency International, headed by the director Mr. Alejandro Salas, paid a courtesy visit to the Bureau Ombudsman. The delegation was received by the Secretary General Ms. Patricia Philips, as the Ombudsman, Dr. Nilda Arduin, is off island. Transparency International system- NIS (National Integrity system) assessment evaluates the anticorruption efficacy of all principal institutions and actors of the states. This include all branches of government, the media, the public sector and private sectors and civil society. The institution Ombudsman is one of these pillars.

Synopsis of The Organization

The director gave a synopsis of the organization and their experiences in Curacao while the Secretary General of the Bureau expressed the importance of integrity throughuout all the branches of  government and looks forward to the follow up meetings and recommendations of the final report.

Presentation of 2012 Annual Report

The director Mr. Salas was presented with the 2012 Annual Report of the Bureau and the relevant regulations that govern the institution Ombudsman.

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