PHILIPSBURG………………..On April 17th 2014the Ombudsman, Dr. Nilda Arduin met with the Minister of Justice, Mr. Dennis Richardson, the Secretary General Mr. Richard Panneflek and other members of his cabinet, Ms. Judy La Paix and Mr. Ron van de Veer, to discuss issues relating to the investigation of complaints filed against the Ministry of Justice.  The Ombudsman pointed out that a good relationship has been established with the Police Department. Both the Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office are making great efforts to cooperate with investigations of the Ombudsman and act on recommendations. There are however other departments within the Ministry of Justice, which are not complying as required by law by not being forthcoming timely with their responses.


The Minister indicated that he was not aware of the bottlenecks experienced by the Ombudsman with the Justice Ministry, and informed the Ombudsman about  the ongoing re-organization within  the Ministry. Ms. La Paix has been appointed as the liaison of the Ministry to deal with the complaints being investigated by the Ombudsman. The Minister underscored the importance of the Ombudsman in promoting good governance, and being the voice of the citizen by investigating complaints. 

Thanks to Minister

The Ombudsman thanked the Minister for the clarity given on the issues pertaining to the organization of the Ministry, and actions to be taken to improve the Ministry.  She applauded the Ministry for appointing the liaison officer  (Ms. J. LaPaix) who will help in the processing of the responses of the complaints filed against the Ministry. 

The importance of the investigation of the Ombudsman was again emphasized; there is no appeal on the investigation.

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