Positive results as Ombudsman continues to monitor Passport Renewal Issue

Philipsburg, June 13, 2014 – The Civil Registry takes a closer look at the procedures for renewal of passports as the Bureau Ombudsman intervened  and addressed the Civil Registry pertaining to a complaint filed by a citizen.

Ombudsman’s Involvement

As a result of the involvement of the Ombudsman the Civil Registry took a closer look at the file of a complainant, who took his case to the Ombudsman. The complainant will be able to renew his passport after all. The complainant was informed by the Acting Department Head that “Because you became Dutch by naturalization we cannot ask for the birth certificate and stop the process for the renewing of your passport.”  The Civil Registry concluded that in this particular case where the complainant became Dutch by naturalization, he cannot be  asked for a birth certificate. During the naturalization process other documents or procedures have apparently served to support the lack of a birth certificate in the case of the complainant.


The Ombudsman established through investigation and research of the matter, that each case may differ, but there are ample international protocols and case law to prevent infringement on the citizens’ human rights. These instruments need to be consulted and applied in reviewing each individual case. The Ombudsman continues to closely monitor the issues surrounding the passport renewal, and will again call government to take proper action, if needed.

Dr. Nilda Arduin

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