Information Session organized by the Ombudsman for the Political Parties and the Public

As a contribution to the democratic process an Information Session is organized on Monday, August 11th 2013 by the Ombudsman for the candidates and board members of all Political Parties in the upcoming election. All parties have been invited. The session will be held from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the University of St Martin under the theme:  “The Constitution and the Role of the Ombudsman.” The agenda is:

  1. 1.      Welcome & Introduction
  2. 2.      The History of the Institution
  3. 3.      Complaint Handling: Ministerial Responsibility and the  role of Parliament.

      4.   Q & A.

  1. 5.      Break
  2. 6.      The Role of the OBM further outlined
  3. 7.      Q & A.
  4. 8.      Presentation documents to Representative of the Political Parties
  5. 9.      Closing Remarks

All political parties have confirmed their attendance.

Public Information Session

A Public Information Session with a similar agenda is planned for Tuesday August 19th 2014 at the University of St Maarten from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.  In keeping with the awareness campaign of the Ombudsman, persons of all districts are invited to this session. In light of the upcoming elections the presentation will deal with the Constitution, the role of the Ombudsman in relation to Parliament and the Ministers.

The Ombudsman listens, investigates, and recommends

Government to act on the concerns of the people

The Ombudsman is the Voice and Protector of the People

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