New Complaint Management System for the Ombudsman

PHILIPSBURG………..In line with the Ombudsman’s vision 2013-2014 to “Strengthen and Improve” the operation of the institution, the Bureau Ombudsman has acquired a new complaint application system. The new system  will improve complaint handling and the service to the public.  The systemis financed by USONA. The application is developed by Computer Application System Ltd (CAS), a company established in Scotland , specialize in Document Management Systems for Ombudsman Institutions.

Vast Experience

The Ombudsman benefitted from the vast experience of CAS in customizing the application  to meet the needs and laws of the Ombudsman, the National Ordinance Ombudsman.  The system encourages best practices, increase complainant accessibility, promotes knowledge management, and improves performance. 

The hardware and technical support is provided by the local company Certified Skills, IT consultant Mr. Seon Bourne of the Ombudsman.

Training to Better Serve the Public

From December 10th -18th 2014 the staff of the Bureau received training from Mrs. Debbie Barr from Scotland, business analyst of CAS.  With this new system the Ombudsman will be able to better serve the public in 2015.

The Ombudsman listens, investigates, and recommends

Government to act on the concerns of the people

The Ombudsman is the Voice and Protector of the People!

New Complaint Management System for the Ombudsman

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