Ombudsman presents list of bottlenecks identified by civil servants to Prime Minister

Philipsburg, The Ombudsman, Dr. Nilda Arduin, recently presented to the Prime Minister, Mr. William Marlin, a summary of bottlenecks that were identified by the civil servants during the workshops that were hosted by the Ombudsmen of the Kingdom on June 27 and 28 of this year. The list presents an overview of the bottlenecks which, according to the civil servants, impede their optimal functioning, as well as possible solutions to deal with and or remedy the challenges. The list is compiled from an exercise. Approximately 100 civil servants representing different Ministries participated in this excersise at the end of the final session entitled ‘Understanding propriety’.  

8 Categories

The overview is divided into 8 categories and includes: insufficient clarity pertaining to the implementation and interpretation of the LIOL- ‘Landsverordening inrichting en organisatie Land Sint Maarten’ (National ordinance for the establishment and organization of Country Sint Maarten), outdated laws, deficient budgets, political interference and more.

The complete list is available on the website of the Ombudsman:

Considerations to Bottlenecks

Considering that the outcome of this exercise is of utmost importance to promote good governance, the Ombudsman strongly recommended the Prime Minister that due consideration is given to the bottlenecks and the solutions presented in a way that follow-up can be given to same.

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