Decision Constitutional Court on National Ordinances regarding cuts to employment benefits expected on November 1

PHILIPSBURG, Ombudsman Gwendolien Mossel is looking forward to the decision of the Constitutional Court on Monday, November 1, 2021, at 11:30 AM, regarding the three national ordinances, in connection with cuts to the employment benefits of all (semi) public sector workers that was presented, by the Ombudsman, to the Court in April of this year for review.

Respect the Rights of the People

While Sint Maarten is established and governed by the rule of law, the rule of law must in return respect the fundamental rights of the people. As such the Ombudsman of Sint Maarten is tasked with the role of guardian of the Constitution and sees to it that the rights of the people are safeguarded.

Article 15

The Ombudsman argued during the court hearing on August 20, 2021, that the national ordinances in question were – amongst others – not compatible with article 15 (undisturbed enjoyment of property) and 16 (equality principle) of the Constitution. As such, based on the mentioned grounds, the Ombudsman requested the Constitutional Court to quash all or part of the three national ordinances.

The session is expected to be open to the public taking the COVID -19 guidelines of the Court into consideration.

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